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Colours! Music! Mean Shapes!

Avoid cruel shapes to the beat of the music. The light beams harm you, the dark beams help you; The more light beams you get, the worse it is!! If you place your beams wisely and collect those upgrades, you may just stand a chance!

Ludum Dare Event Page:  https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/40/shapes-are-mean

UPDATED VERSION (11 Dec 2017) - I (think I have) fixed an issue in which the game wasn't displaying on certain pcs. People can also now press 'Esc' to leave the 'thank you' screen prematurely.
As per the rules of Ludum Dare, no new features were added, and no changes whatsoever were made to alter the original gameplay.

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Published 12 days ago
Tags2D, Colorful, Endless, Ludum Dare 40

Install instructions

I don't have a splash screen, so just be prepared to stare at a black screen for a couple of seconds or so while the game loads.


ShapesAreMean.exe 37 MB
ShapesAreMean (updated).exe 37 MB

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